High quality HVAC actuators, valves and room sensors to suit most applications!

Gruner Damper actuators provide an energy efficient and reliable operation of air ducts in HVAC systems.

By using the latest technologies and applying strict quality control procedures ensures for having reliable products to the industry.

Our FAIL-SAFE actuators feature a spring return mechanism for adjusting and regulating dampers that drives the actuator to a predetermined safe position when a power fail is detected. These actuators are available in models with torque ranging from 3 to 20Nm.

The power supply voltage is either 24VAC/DC or 230/240VAC. The control input/output can be 2 point or 0(2)...10V modulating. Our actuators are compatible with all common control systems for a reliable operation.

Please see our models set out below.

Click on the model number to download the respective data sheet for detailed specifications and please contact us should you require any further information.

Spring Return Actuator

Spring return fail-safe Actuators for adjusting and regulating dampers in HVAC installations.

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     341 Series

       3 - 5Nm

      24V - 230V

       40 - 100s

  20s spring return

     361 Series

      10 - 20Nm

       24V - 230V

        75 - 150s

   20s spring return