High quality HVAC Actuators to suit most applications!

Gruner Australia is committed to providing a variety of quality products for customers. By using the latest technologies and applying strict quality control procedures, we’ve become known for having quality and reliable products in the industry.

Our Actuators cover all requirements. At Gruner Australia our products range from classic damper rotary actuators, fail-safe spring return rotary actuators to very speedy quick running actuators.

In addition we provide fire and smoke UL rated actuators and VAV actuator units.

We also have linear actuators spindle drive units with varying lengths of spindles.

Whether your requirement is for 2Nm or 40Nm of torque, 24V AC/DC or 230/240V we have a unit to suit your needs.

Please see the product categories below and explore the rest of our website to learn more, and please get in touch with any questions.

24V or 80....265V AC/DC with Torque

      ranging from 4Nm to 40Nm

24V or 80....265V AC/DC with Torque ranging

 from 26Ncm to 20Nm, Spring Return 10-20s

24V or 80....265V AC/DC with Torque ranging from

      2Nm to 15Nm, running time from 1s to 35s

24V or 80....265V AC/DC with Torque ranging from

      3Nm to 20Nm including UL rated Models

24V AC/DC with spindle length ranging from                       130mm to 300mm

         327 VAV

compact controller           actuators

Compact controller for pressure and volumetric air flow control