for HVAC Actuators and Room Sensors

As a HVAC supplier we believe that all of our clients deserve the highest level of quality and service.


Actuators play an important part in controlling the building climate and air quality. It is therefore essential that the actuators maintain a high standard of reliability.

Whether your business is Air Conditioning, Heating and Cooling  or Building Management, we have the necessary technology know-how to offer customized products and services.

We know and understand your applications enabling you to save time and money.

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High quality HVAC Actuators and Room Sensors to suit most applications!

All About Our Products

Gruner Australia is the authorized distributor for Gruner in Australia. We supply high quality HVAC actuators, valves and room sensors suitable for most applications.

Our actuator models range from 24V to 240V AC/DC.

2/3 Point Control and 0-10V/4-20mA Continuous Control.

Gruner characterized control valves are available in 2 and 3 way models suitable for closed warm and cold water HVAC systems

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Gruner HVAC room sensors are available with temperature and humidity as well as air quality models measuring VOC/CO2 together with temperature and humidity.

Reliable, User friendly and flexible.